Experience KAGURA – Explore Japan’s ancient mythology –


-Kagura - Journey to a land of myths and legends

The performing art known as “kagura” is alive and well in the Iwami and Izumo areas of Shimane Prefecture (including Daisen-Oki National Park), preserving Japan’s mythology for centuries.

Nearby Mt. Sanbe and Isa-no-Hama serve as the setting for many of these myths, their natural landscapes virtually unchanged since ancient times.

Feel the past come alive as you explore the backdrops of these legends exactly as they appeared in antiquity.


  • Glamping at Mt.Sanbe

    A full-scale Glamping held for a limited time at Sanbe National Park, Nishinohara. An original accommodation experience with a comfortable tent, Kagura-style interior, and a meal with local ingredients.

  • A full-scale “glamping” site constructed for a limited time at Sanbe National Park’s Nishinohara area. A unique accommodation experience with a comfortable tent, Kagura-inspired interior, and delicious meals made with local ingredients.

  • Private Kagura performance at Glamping

    We’ve constructed a special kagura stage at the glamping site, the perfect way for guests to enjoy a special, private kagura performance in the great outdoors.
    After the performance, you’ll have an exclusive chance to meet with the performers.

  • Meet the locals

    Meet with local people living in the Sanbe area to gain a greater understanding of what life in rural Japan is really like. You’ll be invited into their homes and fields to relax and chat about anything and everything, from local myths, to kagura, to nature.

  • Walking tour of Sanbe’s hot springs with an “onsen sommelier”

    There are a number of naturally occurring “onsen” hot springs scattered around the Sanbe area, each with its own unique characteristics and story. Explore these hot springs with expert insight delivered by a local “onsen sommelier”.

  • Kagura mask painting experience

    Of all the elaborate props and costumes used in kagura, the mask is of the utmost importance. Visit the private workshop of master mask maker and kagura performer, Mr. Taizo Kobayashi, to learn about his craft and try your hand at making a mask of your own!