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A Japanese craft capital.

A Japanese craft capital


Kanazawa, a city on the Sea of Japan coastline, once upon a time rivalled Kyoto and Tokyo with its cultural prowess.
It’s a creative, ancient destination filled with a mixture of old and new.
We offer completely tailor- made tours to experience traditional craftsmanship and meet contemporary artisans in Kanazawa’s workshops and studios.


Kanazawa was the crowning glory of the Hokuriku region in the Edo period and, having unusually avoided both natural disasters and attacks, its heritage is almost perfectly
preserved. Kanazawa’s special cultural history can still be seen in the castles, gardens and geisha districts of the city today. Over the course of many centuries, strong craft
traditions became engrained in Kanazawa.

  • Craft in Kanazawa

    The city is home to 22 different kinds of crafts – ranging from gold-leaf making to silk dying and from lacquerware to kutani ceramics. They remain embedded in everyday life in the city with many craftsmen living near the ruins of Kanazawa castle; the city has the largest number of ‘intangible cultural properties’ in the fields of arts and crafts in the whole of Japan.

  • Craft and Art Experience

    We offer tailor- made tours to visit craftmanship and artisans in Kanazawa’s workshops and studios. For example, the studio of maki-e artist. Maki-e is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold powder.
    We can introduce you not only traditional but also contemporary ones because today there is also an exciting contemporary art design scene in the region, which uses age-old skills for new creative challenges.