Hidden Islands of Goto
~Japan’s Religious and Secluded Islands~


During the Edo period, Japan isolated itself from the outside world for more than 200 years and outlawed Christianity. Thousands of Christians consequently relocated to the Goto Islands in the East China Sea, where they continued their practice and faith in great secrecy.
When the Meiji government lifted the ban in 1873, the Japanese Christians remaining on the Goto Islands began to build churches all over these islands. Although some of the churches may look a little shabby from the outside, the interiors are fascinatingly well-maintained and preserved. They are quiet and beautiful places of reflection, where the island’s faithful believers come to pray.


Learn the fascinating history of hidden Christians who kept their practices in secret when Christianity was outlawed about 400 years ago. They developed a fascinating form of indigenous Christianity, and some descendants still inhabit Goto Islands.

About Goto Islands

Goto Islands are located in the western coast of Nagasaki, 100km off the mainland of Japan. When Christianity was persecuted about 400 years ago, thousands of hidden Christians moved to Goto Islands from Nagasaki and have secretly kept their faith and practices. Hidden Christian sites in Nagasaki as well as Goto Islands has been registered as UNESCO’s cultural world heritage in 2018. Our tours offer you various ways to step in lesser known passages where you learn the history of hidden Christians, and enjoy the spectacular beaches and simple island-life.

  • Goto Islands are among a few destinations in Japan with very few tourists. Surrounded by breathtaking beauty of the ocean and mountains, and visitors savor delightful local flavors.

  • Our experienced local guides will take you through hidden passages and little-known places to discover Goto Islands. And after your deep Goto immersion, relax and enjoy the spectacular beaches and nature. Our tours are custom-designed with your special interests.

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  • One of Goto Islands’ wonders is over 100 species of seafood through the year. Varieties of seafood is Goto’s local dining celebration. Goto’s rich natural environment is also the home of Japan’s highest quality of dark-hair Goto beef and pork, which add even more culinary enjoyment.

  • Spend your time with your family, friends and Goto’s local people, and it will be priceless moments in your life.

  • ”Traveling to Fukue is mesmerizing, the island that we will call home for the next few days and it welcomes us with a beautiful sunset.“

  • First it looks like nothing special, but Goto has everything highly meaningful for life. Goto Islands are the home of ultimate happiness of life.