Land's End
– Eastern Hokkaido Sustainable Nature Experience–


"There are certain places in the world that are so serene, so still, and so stunning that you’ll catch yourself holding your breath when you’re near them. Lake Mashu in Akan-Mashu National Park
is one of those places. - by Kelly Phillips Badal"


In this journey, you can soak yourself in the great wild nature circle.
One day, You may find volcanic natural environment created by Lake Kussharo, the largest caldera lake in Japan, and enjoy encountering its culture and community. Another day, you will meet beautiful people who living with nature life circle and wonderful food culture.

  • About this area

    Eastern Hokkaido is Japan’s undiscovered gem, a wildlife-filled destination with the country’s most untouched nature. In lieu of skyscrapers and crosswalks there are breathtaking mountains, hiking paths that snake past crystal-clear lakes, undisturbed forests, and an untouched peninsula that juts into the Sea of Okhotsk. At this UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and in Eastern Hokkaido’s other national parks, nature is on display at its dynamic best. We think this untapped destination in Japan will eventually attract adventurous travelers from all over the world. Free yourself deep into the wild and spend a premium time in the National Park.

  • Scandinavian Premium Camping

    The premium tent will be your stay where canoe docks right by the lake. NORDISK is a tent brand from Denmark. The Scandinavian styled simple tent provides pleasant premium camping. You will stay in the National Park nearby the crystal clear lake Kusshiaro.
    The tent will have amenities, 2 beds and a heater. Birds and sound of the wind will be your morning call. We accept reservation for barbecue. There will be larger tent in the center of the camp site; community tent where you are welcome to spend time...

Rowing to the circle of volcanic nature

Lake Kussharo has the largest caldera lake in Japan made by the ancient volcano explosions. A magnificent Kushiro river flowing to the sea, hot springs around the lake shore, you can enjoy the rich nature formed by the volcanoes. Set out your canoe from Lake Kussharo surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves, letting yourself to the flow of the nature that fire and water had created.

  • About this journey

    volcanic natural environment created by Lake Kussharo, the largest caldera lake in Japan, and enjoy encountering its culture and community.
    While rowing down Kushiro river by canoe, you can see wildlife such as white-tailed eagle, red-crowned crane and Ezo red fox. You can also enjoy activities like trekking, horseback riding, learning the culture of Ainu and colonist who live with great wild nature. 

  • Your roomy tent is set in the beautiful nature. BBQ under thousands of stars, warm up yourself in the sauna and natural hot spring, gather around the fire with family and friends to spend your own premium time at the campsite. Enjoy the sounds of birds waking you up in the morning.

  • Rowing from Wakoto Peninsula in Lake Kussharo to Kushiro river. Enjoy spending time on the water led by your knowledgeable canoe guide who can tell you the story about the nature and wildlife along the river stream.

  • On the last day, you can walk through a trail of Iozan, observing the effects of volcanic activities. Then take a part in this natural wonder by soaking in the hot spring.

  • A Tent Sauna is open at the shore of Lake Kussharo!
    After sweating in the hot sauna that heats above 120 ° C on a wood-burning stove, dive into the crystal and clear Lake.
    You can feel the wild nature from your fingertips to your whole body.
    Please enjoy the nature experience in national park that you can find only here in Japan!

Into The Wild

“This is bear country. The area has one of the highest brown bear population densities in the world, with an estimated 300 bears living in 1000 square kilometers of land.”

  • About this Journey

    One of Japan’s last remaining sections of true wilderness, the Lost World-style scenery of Shiretoko National Park is staggeringly beautiful—and home to hundreds of brown bears.

  • It’s the capstone of Hokkaido’s skinny finger of land that points 63km into the Sea of Okhotsk, known for its dramatic craggy coastline and untamed residents: higuma, the Ussuri brown bear. This is protected land—so highly protected, in fact, that most of the UNESCO World Heritage-designated site is only accessible by boat or foot (and there’s a large portion where tourists aren’t allowed, period). This area is the very definition of untouched nature, and cruising to the cape is the best way to take it in.
    The cruise passes by several waterfalls, a famous section of cliff shaped like an elephant, and another shaped like a Japanese traditional Kokeshi doll.