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Calm Getaway to the
Wine Village


Koshu at the base of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture is where the history of Japanese wine began. More than 30 boutique wineries are within the Koshu area and this area has been the biggest wine producing destination in Japan. We offer an exclusive one day hidden gem winery tasting and local tour. Sit and relax in the private transportation, you will find yourself enjoying a glass of Koshu wine in a calm rural scenery just a two hours getaway from Tokyo.


Koshu is a city known for its grapes and wine production in northeastern Yamanashi prefecture. Japanese wine has a history of about 140 years but is still young. However, the taste and quality of Koshu wine is beginning to be recognized throughout the world. In the past several years, many Koshu wines have been awarded for international wine competitions such as the Decanter World Wine Award.

  • What is Koshu wine?

    Koshu is also a name of a native Japanese grape. Most of the wineries in Koshu are family owned and can only produce a small amount. This is why it is still hard to get a bottle of Koshu wine outside of Japan.

  • Fresh fruit with a crisp citrus note with lively acidity and a dry sharp finish. This pure and delicate white wine goes well with any kind of cuisine especially fish, vegetables and the taste of umami which many Japanese dishes contains. But not only Japanese dishes, also French cuisines such as sauté or poiret of fish, Italian with the taste of olive oil and tomato, Asian cuisines such as curry, spicy flavored dishes or just simply grilled local vegetables would match well with the Koshu wine.

Koshu wine village experience

We offer the Koshu wine experience to international guests, for a small group. There will be a private car service from your hotel in Tokyo with an expert driver guide in English. You will visit one of the finest Japanese winery guided by the winemaker. Then taking you to a traditional Japanese house in the vineyard for an omakase lunch course with wine pairing. Enjoy the local ingredients turning into a French cuisine with a Japanese twist cooked by a chef who has experience at a five-star hotel in Tokyo.

Your customized slow-paced country tour

After a wine paring lunch, you can enjoy the Koshu area on your own style-
Walk in a few more boutique wineries of your choice to discover your favorite, maybe try out all the Koshu wines by the glass at a popular local wine bar, visit temples to experience a sense of the sacred, taste the local fruits; peaches in summer, grapes in fall and dried persimmon in winter, or just drive to the mountainside to enjoy the beautiful nature all year round. We can suggest many destinations for you to create your private slow-paced afternoon tour.