The Fukushima Prefecture is located to the south of the Tohoku region, and can be reached within 90 minutes from Tokyo via Shinkansen (bullet train). Aizuwakamatsu city is a castle town with a deep lore where visitors can enjoy all four seasons. Bushido (the Samurai Spirit), the state of mind that honors living with pride and dignity as humans and individuals, has its roots here.

Exactly 150 years ago, in the Boshin War between the Imperial and shogunate forces fought in the Aizu Domain, many Samurai warriors fought for their own dignity and loyalty. The Samurai of Fukushima’s Aizu region are, even to this day, known to be some of the most disciplined followers of the Bushido way.

By contacting with the streets, people and culture of Aizuwakamatsu city, even you will be able to feel the Samurai Spirit of Bushido that was born in this place. Doing so could become an opportunity to set out in a trip to find and redefine yourself. Please come and witness the scenario where the Samurai Spirit originated.

Aizu, the place where the strongest samurai grew up. In this movie, fencers who lead the “Western chivalry” under Samurai Naganuma living in modern day experience kendo and “Japanese Bushido”.

In the Boshin War, Tsuruga-jo Castle (Rebuilt in 1954) is a famous castle that endured fierce battle raid for about a month.

What do they feel through the first kendo match?

Experience the Last SAMURAI SPIRIT in Aizu