wondertrunk experience – Kamaishi


Cancellation of October Glamping Event

Due to the Typhoon No.19, the glamping site will be closed for October. For there are risks of strong wind and high tides near the Nebama Coastal area, to secure all visitors safety at first, we have decided to evacuate our glamping site.


The following events has also been cancled.

・Iwate Sanriku Fukkou-Shokudo Kamaishi/Nebama (Oct.12-13)

・IKEA Workshop (Oct. 12)

・NTTdocomo RedHurricanes Rugby Class (Oct.12-13)


We are truly sorry for all visitors that had made reservations. Also, thank you very much to everyone in the local area that had been generous in cooperating with us. We will continue our efforts of spreading and connecting travelers with the attractiveness of the Kamaishi Michinoku Shiokaze Trail.



The wondertrunk experience KAMAISHI will be held for a limited period during the Rugby World Cup. In addition to the “food”, “experience” and “lodging” of the local area in the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park and the Nehama Coast, this experience aims to create an “interchange” between visitors and the local community concerning the “Recovery Efforts from the Earthquake” and the “Future of Kamaishi”. We offer a space where you can enjoy glamping tents and outdoors in the green land of ​​Kamaishi and Nehama Coast limited to 8 groups per day.

・ First Half: September 21 to September 27, 2019

・ Later Half: October 11 to October 15, 2019

・ 12days – Limited to 8 groups per day


Enjoy comfortable glamping inside the British up-and-coming brand “Bell Tent” with an interior design of Nordic IKEA at the national park Nehama coast. We provide beds and amenities inside the tent. The tent site also has a community area where travellers can interact with each other. Meals are available in BBQ style by local seafood. Please enjoy your stay.

It is also close to the stadium which is very convenient to go watch the Rugby games.


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The Michinoku Sanriku Trail opened in June 2019. It is a long-distance nature trail of 1,000km along the Tohoku Pacific Coast that connects the Hachinohe City in Aomori Prefecture to Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture. We will hold a trekking tour in Hakozaki Peninsula to “Senjojiki” known as a miracle created by nature.

Scheduled date: September 26th , October 14th

Limited to first 5 requests.

Recommended Clothing

Please wear clothes that are easy to move in and can be dirty. The climate is mild, but the temperature is low at night. It is recommended to bring a fleece, chemical fiber or wool underwear that can help you stay warm. * Because the minimum temperature may become low, please be careful with your clothing.


Hanamaki Airport → 1 hour 30 minutes by car

Tokyo Station (Shinkansen) → Shinhanamaki Station → Kamaishi Station → Kashiwazumi Station

Transfer service from the airport is generally not offered. Please consult with the staff if you have difficulty accessing by public transport.

■Warning on participation

Please consult with the staff in advance if you have small children.

Your stay will not be effected since we use tents that are resistant to rain.

However, cancellations for the activities will be decided depending on weather conditions. * If stormy weather such as typhoon is expected, we will contact you one week before the cancellation. Also, if there is an unavoidable natural disaster, activities may be canceled suddenly. Thank you for your understanding.