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Hokkaido - Nature & Adventure -Breakfast with Ash Bhardwaj-

Hokkaido Tourism Organization invite you to a breakfast with filmmaker and travel writer Ash Bhardwaj to learn more about the unsung wonders of Hokkaido.

Date: Tuesday, 5th Nov, 8:30-10:00
Venue: GOOD HOTEL London (only three minutes’ walk from Royal Victoria Station and ExCeL London)

Synonymous with snow, beauty, mountains and adventure, Hokkaido – Japan’s northernmost prefecture – is a nature-lover’s paradise. Wild, rugged and magnificent, it is a mecca for skiers and snow boarders come winter (the snow is some of the world’s best) and hikers, climbers and safari fans in summer. With patches of pristine wilderness, national parks, outstanding seafood, lavender farms, hiking trails, wildlife aplenty and postcard-perfect vistas, it is a truly singular setting.
Hokkaido is also a cultural hub. The island’s capital city, Sapporo, is home to around two million people and brims with daringly-designed hotels, pioneering restaurants and a host of festivals – like the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, first held in 1950. Whether it’s the great outdoors or cosmopolitan charm you seek, Hokkaido will certainly delight.

About Ash: Filmmaker, travel writer and storyteller Ash Bhardwaj has ventured to Everest with wounded British soldiers, walked across the Bayuda Desert in Sudan, travelled along Russia’s European border, and taken part in Levison Wood’s Walking The Nile expedition – to name just a few adventures. His wanderings have led him back to Hokkaido many times and, for him, it is so much more than the setting for The Legend of Zelda video game; it is a place of splendour and myth, history and power – an alpine wonderland.

Ash will share his Hokkaido experiences and reveal why he believes its excels as a unique adventure destination. He will be joined by Fish Andrew from Finnair who will discuss the airline’s new direct flight from Europe to Sapporo.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A session, making the breakfast a great opportunity to learn more about this lesser-explored island and everything it has to offer.

RSPV by 31st of Oct 2019
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Hokkaido Tourism Organization