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Goto Island, Nagasaki - Cycling Monitor Tour

Cycling tours for a limited time at monitor prices.


It is the most popular guided tour to travel the life of Goto Island.

Getting in touch with the rhythm of Goto Island daily life is as simple as taking one of our most popular guided tours. As you bike leisurely through this gorgeous beautiful beach and traditional culture, take in the seasonal rhythms of a special way of life handed down over generations.

For a limited time, you can experience two half-day courses at monitor price.

FUKUE Course

A glimpse into Japan’s Samurai past along with breath taking scenery forged by Japan’s unique agriculture.

Monitor price : JPY9,500  (Original price : JPY17,000)

TOMIE Course

A look into a Japan that hasn’t been swept away by modernization, and maintains the beauty of its countryside.

Monitor price : JPY7,900  (Original price : JPY17,000)

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