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Announcement - Partnering With The Art of Travel to Bring You More Japan Travel Options

Our Commitment To Responsible Travel

At wondertrunk & co., we are passionate about connecting travelers with lesser-known, uniquely interesting areas of Japan.

An important part of our mission as a company is to promote sustainable and responsible travel in Japan. By developing new and exciting destinations, as well as by educating travel agents and travelers about these places, we hope to alleviate the burden of over-tourism in Popular cities like Kyoto. We believe that now more than ever, focusing on ‘slow travel’ and offering opportunities to truly connect with local communities is key in building a new, more sustainable approach to traveling. 

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Partnership with The Art of Travel

To help us achieve these ambitious goals, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Destination Management Company The Art of Travel.

The Art of Travel was founded in 2012 by Japanese businesses dedicated to the preservation of centuries-old traditional arts like gold-leaf, sake, and kimono. Over the past eight years, they have built a strong reputation in the travel industry for crafting exclusive experiences and in-depth explorations of Japanese culture for every travel style. Their vision of travel as a force for positive change is closely aligned with our own. 

From July 1, 2020, The Art of Travel will join the wondertrunk & co. family and begin working as part of a unified operating division with a common leadership team.

A breakdown of what Wondertrunk & Co. works.

More ways to travel with us

Since our founding, wondertrunk & co. has focused primarily on:

  • Developing experiences, infrastructures, and guides in off-the-beaten destination to broaden their appeal for both domestic and international travelers.
  • Promoting these off-the-beaten-path destinations through our marketing and communications expertise and network.

This partnership with The Art of Travel enables us to organize travel to the destinations we develop and promote on a much larger scale

The Art of Travel’s expertise will enable us to plan and arrange full-service Japan itineraries that incorporate major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as the lesser-known destinations we are passionate about. Our combined networks will allow us to reach a much larger cross-section of travelers and to work more closely with travel agents thanks to our larger, international travel consulting team. 

Itinerary cover pages for five Wondertrunk destinations.

What this means for the future

At a time when international travel has been put on hold, we are working with The Art of Travel to prepare for a sustainable and innovative future. 

In the coming months, we will be working to:

  • Create unique itineraries incorporating exciting destinations for travelers who want to get out of the major cities and away from the crowds.
  • Develop and implement new safety measures and standards in the destinations we manage as well as for the trips we arrange.
  • Design new and creative travel opportunities, from international summer camps to spiritual retreats. 

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