【Limited time offer】Wondertrunk Experience at National Park -Around KAGURA-

Daisen-Oki National Park

Wondertrunk Experience KAGURA

Accommodation  Information

August 1. – November 29, 2020


  • Standard Overnight Plan ¥24,000/day ~
  • Mt. Sanbe Outdoor Kagura Plan ¥30,000/day
  • Mt. Sanbe Outdoor Kagura and Hands-On Mask Painting Experience Plan ¥40,000/day

A portmanteau of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, glamping is a new, luxurious way to experience the outdoors.

In comfortable hotel-like tents, you can relax in style while enjoying the fresh air and gentle mountain breezes.

Conducted yearly for a limited time only, our glamping site is a privately-operated space accommodating only 3-6 couples per day.

With full-time staff always on-site, it offers a comfortable and safe camping experience for first-time campers, families, solo female travelers, and more.

Dinner and breakfast are included, made with ingredients local to the Sanbe area, as well as admission tickets to the Sanbe Onsen hot spring.

Enjoy a private performance of Iwami-style Kagura dance, performed under the moonlight on a special stage erected in the campsite. We also offer a variety of activities to enjoy the natural wonders of Mt. Sanbe.

Enjoy a simple and comfortable stay in a tent equipped with full amenities such as beds, heating, and more.

Our glamping site serves as a large community area where travelers are free to mingle with each other and meet new friends.

Each tent is furnished with decorative elements meant to evoke the local culture and the richness of the surrounding natural landscape.

About Dinner

We offer barbecue and “nabe” hotpot dishes using ingredients produced in the local Sanbe area, Oda City, and the wider prefecture of Shimane.

The Sanbe Beef is grazed on rich pasture in the Nishi-no-hara area at the foot of Mt. Sanbe. The Maruhime Pork is a specialty of the neighboring city of Gotsu. The Hekayaki “nabe” is a traditional dish of Oda City.

Shimane’s coastal waters are some of the most bountiful fishing grounds in Japan, providing the area with conger eels from Oda and fresh fish from the surrounding San-In region.

Round out your meal of barbecue or hotpot with a serving of “Sanshoku Hitsumabushi”, delicious eel simmered in a savory sauce and served over rice.

Enjoy a veritable feast of locally produced roast beef, miso-marinated salmon, grilled conger eel, and Sanbe-grown rice, all while relaxing in the sights and sounds of nature’s splendor.


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