Reborn-Art Travel~ Immerse yourself in the art and food culture of Ishinomaki ~

Located in the northeastern part of Miyagi Prefecture, Ishinomaki is the prefecture’s second largest city in terms of population. It is known for the abundant marine life in its coastal waters, making the Kinkasan Coast one of the world’s top three fishing grounds. Most people will also know Ishinomaki as one of the hardest hit regions during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

The Reborn-Art Festival, held in Ishinomaki City and the nearby Oshika Peninsula, is an immersive art festival that combines art, music, and food. Launched with the aim of supporting reconstruction and development efforts in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the festival’s Executive Committee is chaired by Hiroshi Kameyama, Mayor of Ishinomaki City, and the music producer Takeshi Kobayashi. Launched in 2017, this festival will be held for the third time in 2021. This year is particular important as it marks the 10th anniversary since the earthquake struck.

To allow visitors to experience the art and food of Ishinomaki beyond the festival dates, wondertrunk & co. and the Reborn-Art Festival committee have developed a range of exclusive experiences to showcase the region’s unique culture. Travelers can choose from a menu of activities and wondertrunk & co. will create a custom tour tailored to their interests and travel styles. 

Experience Menu

Reborn-Art Festival Official Guided Tour (3 to 5 hours)

Accompanied by the Reborn-Art Festival’s official guides, embark on a tour of the Oshika Peninsula and the urban districts of Ishinomaki to see the festival’s permanent collection of art installations. This tour can also be adapted to include art not usually available for public viewing.

Deer Program by the hunter/chef Nozomu Onodera (4 hours)

Experience creating crafts from deer antlers and enjoy venison dishes at FERMENTO, a deer butchering and processing facility on the Oshika Peninsula. Learn more about the process of hunting and cooking deer in sustainable ways from the knowledgeable Mr. Onodera, a hunter and chef.  He is the founder of at ‘Antler Crafts’, a wholesale facility for venison and duck meat that also organizes workshops around dietary education.

Sea Program by the fisherman Takenobu Dobashi (4 hours)

Mr. Dobashi is a fisherman who visited Ishinomaki as a volunteer in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake. He fell in love with the region’s vibrant culture and ended up relocating to the city full time. As part of this experience, Mr. Dobashi will take you on his fishing boat to try your hand at fishing using traditional techniques and tools like cages and gill nets. After your time on the water, return to Momonoura Village, a sustainable accommodation hub managed by Mr. Dobashi, to cook the day’s catch.
Scene from the fishery experience

*As part of the Sea Program, you can opt to make a reservation at the high-end kaiseki restaurant Imamura. The chef will prepare a multi-course dinner using the fish you caught that day (separate meal charges apply).

Assorted sashimi with a lavish offering of locally sourced ingredients


When visiting the Ishinomaki region, we recommend staying at Momonoura Village, the Reborn-Art Festival’s official accommodation and activity facility.
Two blocks of Tiny Houses (right and center), and one block of Glamping Tents (left)
Visitors can also stay in Glamping Tents.
Parking spaces are available for camper vans.
When staying at Momonoura, you can opt for a breakfast of venison sausages made by Antler Crafts (prior booking is necessary).

Suggested itinerary (two days and one night)

Day 1: Meet at Momonoura Village ~ Tour of Reborn-Art Festival art installations by an official festival guide and Deer Program by the hunter/chef Nozomu Onodera (6 hours) ~ Overnight stay at Momonoura Village
Day 2: Sea Program by the fisherman Takenobu Dobashi (4 hours) ~ End of tour and depart from Momonoura Village

Attire during the tour

As you will be spending time outdoors, please pack clothes that are comfortable, easy to move in, and that you do not mind getting dirty. Temperatures may fall below zero degrees Celsius in winter, so please ensure you have warm clothing with you and dress accordingly.

Regarding coronavirus measures

The following policies are being implemented in accordance with current coronavirus countermeasure guidelines .

During tours, guests and guides will practice proper hygiene techniques including frequent hand washing, gargling, and wearing masks that cover both the nose and mouth. (Masks may be removed at appropriate times during physical activities.)

All accommodations and dining facilities will practice the following measures: frequent cleaning, sterilization, and ventilation of equipment and facilities, body temperature checks for all staff, wearing masks and face guards, proper hand sanitization and gargling, and regular health checks.

※Adherence to all current coronavirus countermeasures will be continually monitored.

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