‘Sel de la vie’
Explore Ako - The Land of Salt


‘Sel de la vie’ or ‘the salt of life’ – in both cooking and in life, sometimes a humble pinch of salt is all it takes to transform something from ordinary to outstanding.

Perched on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, the charming town of Ako has produced the finest sea salt in Japan for over 400 years. In this part of the country, it is used in everything from local cuisine to religious rites. For the area’s residents, salt is more than a mere seasoning – it is deeply intertwined with the local culture, enhancing the ‘flavors’ of food, crafts, festivals, and more.

The best things in life are simple – bright sunshine, good food made with fresh ingredients, and the sound of the waves during a seaside retreat. We have created two new tours to showcase the best of Ako, where just a dash of local flavor can create memories that last a lifetime.

Tour 1 – Ako Time: A Seaside Retreat

Between Kyoto and Hiroshima, the quiet town of Ako sits facing the vast Seto Inland Sea. With a charming, small-town atmosphere and unhurried pace of life, Ako is the perfect destination to escape the tourist crowds and relax in an authentic Japanese setting.


Day 1: Learn about Ako’s historic salt making techniques. Enjoy a local dinner before finishing the day at your seaside accommodation.

Day 2: Spend the morning relaxing at your accommodation before traveling to the nearby town of Sakoshi to tour its picturesque historical district.

Tour 2 – It Starts With Salt: Farm to Table in Ako

Historically, Ako produced Japan’s finest salt, used for a variety of purposes from cooking to religious rites. Learn about this unique and crucial seasoning, even making some yourself using traditional techniques before using it in a hands-on, farm-to-table cooking experience with all local ingredients.


Day 1: Make salt using traditional techniques before using your salt and other local ingredients during a hands-on cooking experience.

Day 2: Spend the morning relaxing at your accommodation before traveling to the nearby town of Sakoshi to tour its picturesque historical district.

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