wondertrunk & co. Inc.(“wondertrunk”) is the company specialized for inbound, undertakes marketing, proposes solutions and develops and implements creative for its clients in order to increase their life value. wondertrunk has established and adheres to the following basic principles with regard to handling personal data.

  1. wondertrunk observes all ordinances, regulations, agreements and internal regulations related to personal information.
    wondertrunk has built appropriate data systems, data management systems and other measures to prevent theft, loss, manipulation or destruction of personal data due to unauthorized access.
  2. When acquiring personal information from individuals, wondertrunk first explains how the data will be utilized and whether the information may be provided to a third party, as well as how the data will be utilized in that case. Furthermore, should there be any change to the purpose of the data or the entities to which it may be provided, we inform the individual concerned. In case we do not obtain their agreement, utilization of the data is restricted to that which has been agreed to.
  3. wondertrunk confirms how personal data from client companies or media owners obtained in conducting our business was collected and the scope of use consented to. We utilize the data appropriately in line with the requirements of the business affiliate and our own internal regulations
  4. We comply with all requests not to utilize any or all of the data. We also strive to maintain the accuracy of the data, and comply with all requests to disclose, amend or delete the data.
  5. wondertrunk makes efforts to constantly improve by monitoring personal information management and responding to changes in the external environment.

Enacted:September, 2016
wondertrunk & co. inc
Takehiro Okamoto / Wataru Takahashi